Who We Are:

The Treehouse Collective was built when a group of like-minded artists realized that the Greater Boston community needed a company dedicated to producing infrequently performed, ensemble-based work. More than the kind of work we produced, however, was the value we all placed on the experience we wanted theatre-making to be: supportive, fun, educational, and equitable. We love teaching, so we wanted to provide opportunities for our community to learn and grow alongside the company. We value the energy and curiosity a theatre novice can bring to any space, and so we’ve built a mentorship program that ensures a supportive environment for folks who want to get their feet wet. We know that cost can be a barrier to attending live theatre, and so we committed to creating options for ways audience members could see our work, including industry nights, volunteer opportunities, and open rehearsals. We also know how important it is for artists to be compensated for their labor. We are committed to paying artists for their work as our company grows in a manner that is equitable and transparent.

Artists need time, space, and the support of an ensemble to produce theatre that meaningfully reaches audiences. We cannot wait to welcome you to The Treehouse and are so excited about what’s ahead.

The Team:

Katie Swimm

Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Katie Swimm has been active in community, regional, and university theatre for over twenty years as a director, actor, intimacy choreographer/consultant, and educator. She received a BFA in Theatre Performance from Niagara University, an MA in Literature at Northwestern, and a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at Tufts University. Her areas of expertise include musical theatre, theatre and mental illness, community-based theatre practice, and consent-based and trauma-informed theatre-making. www.katieswimm.com

Jeff Kimball

Co-Founder & Music Director

Jeff is a frequent MD, performer and educator around the Northeast, working at the intersection of music, theatre, education and improv. http://www.jeffkimballmusic.com/

Katie Kinlay

Founding Ensemble Member

Katie is a stage manager who has been participating in Boston-area community theatre since 2019. Although you'll never see her on stage, she loves working behind the scenes with the cast and crew. By day, she works in public accounting, serving as an advisor to accounting departments of life sciences companies.

Melissa Paz

Founding Ensemble Member

Melissa Paz (she/her) is a Boston-based performer with a passion for art that is inclusive, inspiring, and engaging. She has had the pleasure of being involved in the theater community on and off stage for the last decade. By day she works in college mental health, where she designs programs to support students' emotional health and wellbeing.

Lisa Tierney

Founding Ensemble Member

Lisa has been an active performer in community theater across Central and Eastern MA since 2012. Having played leading roles and ensemble roles in equal measure, she is passionate about the way a great theater project can build a community of artists who tell stories that matter. By day she works in Agile software development, coaching techniques for building high-performing engineering teams that are grounded in psychological safety and effective teamwork.

Molly Doris-Pierce

Director of Marketing

Molly is a Boston-based performer active in the local theater community since 2015. She is particularly passionate about finding, listening to, and telling good stories. She is a public health professional with an expertise in health communications and stakeholder engagement.